The Firm’s core work for almost 40 years has been representing labor organizations in every facet of labor-management relations and internal union administration. We handle state and federal court litigation, NLRB proceedings, and grievance and interest arbitrations. Combined, our attorneys have handled well over 1,000 arbitrations. We have testified before legislative bodies on behalf of our union clients. We assist our union clients with collective bargaining negotiations. With negotiations, we can act as lead negotiator at the table or provide “back room” advice to the union’s negotiators as needed. We can do elaborate contract proposal costing for the union so its negotiators can have a full understanding of how much money different contract proposals will cost the employer.

Our union clients include public and private sector organizations. For public sector organizations that are not afforded full collective bargaining rights, our Firm assists them in using their collective power to improve the work lives of their members. For those organizations, we also provide representation for their members in whatever disciplinary process the agency has.


Our firm has been counsel to numerous Taft-Hartley benefit funds. We have served as counsel appointed by both union and management trustees, as counsel appointed by the union side trustees, and as an independent neutral fiduciary. This representation includes litigation on the funds’ behalf, administration and compliance advice, vendor management, and collection actions.


Our Firm also represents individual employees in various disputes with their employers, including Title VII and other civil rights claims, wage and hour claims, and disputes over restrict covenants.


Our Firm represents individuals and organizations in partnership and internal business disputes. We represent plaintiffs and class members in class actions cases over wage and hour disputes, consumer protection laws, and in cases against financial companies that take advantage of small investors.



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